Don’t Overlook These Signs You Need New Windows in Downriver Michigan

Don’t Overlook These Signs You Need New Windows in Downriver Michigan

Over the past 30 years windows have changed significantly. While windows remained the same for many, many years with a single pane design and wooden frame structure, today’s windows are much better. Windows manufactured today have better energy efficiency, noise reduction, and are much lower maintenance. But sometimes the windows in your home can actually be failing and you may not even realize it. Here at Adkins and Sons Windows we provide window replacement and window repair for your home in Downriver Michigan and have provided some signs that your home’s windows may have that show they are failing or have problems. 

Don’t Overlook These Signs You Need New Windows in Downriver Michigan

The windows in your home are constructed to withstand the brutal weather, even the cold we have here in Michigan. However, unlike other exterior components such as roofing or siding, the signs that they are failing isn’t as common and can be overlooked. Although some of the tips below don’t need to have a window replaced in your home and may be able to be repaired we have included it to help you figure out if your home’s windows are performing as they should. And if you need an estimate or more help with your windows be sure to give us a call at 734-283-7120.

Don't Overlook These Signs You Need New Windows in Downriver Michigan

The Window Frame is Leaking Water Inside

The windows in your home can be performing as they should but sometimes the seal around the window frame can start to have problems. These problems can occur for a variety of reasons. The window frame may warp and pull away from the home or the window could have been improperly installed to begin with. Many times the tell tale sign of a window frame leaking is water around the edge of the window frame. There may be some discoloration in a brownish tint on moldings around the window as well. Also, you will likely see this window leak only after it rains or ice is melting coming down the exterior of the home.

Another problem that may occur with the window frame is that it starts to deteriorate. For homes with wooden windows this can especially be a problem. Insect or rot damage can occur on the frame which makes the window start to leak. If either of these conditions has occurred on your home’s wooden windows they will likely need to be replaced. Insect and rot damage does not occur on vinyl window frames.

The Window Sash is Broken or Blown

While the older windows only had a single pane of glass, most modern windows that were installed over the past 3 decades have double or triple pane glass. Two or three panes of glass are placed together with space between them and sealed. The air between the glass panes is than pressurized with an inert gas for better energy efficiency. The problem occurs when the seal which holds the pressurized gas breaks. The seal will then allow air and moisture to come between the glass panes. What will then occur typically is condensation will form between the panes and obscure the view of the window. It will also make the window less energy efficient as well. This is commonly called a ‘blown window sash’ and can sometimes be replaced without replacing the entire window and frame.

The Window is Difficult to Open Or Won’t Open at All

Windows can open our view to the world outside and it’s truly great to enjoy the comfort of the heat inside when it’s snowing and cold out. Opening a window may not seem like sometimes many people will do today, but there is still a need for windows to open easily. The main reason today is safety and giving you an escape route out of the home if needed. Make sure all your windows open fully and easily in case of an emergency, especially in bedrooms.

Windows Are Drafty and Not Sealed Properly

As windows get older they can start to lose the seal around them. Air from the outside may start to come into the home which can drive up energy costs. Check around windows for drafts and cold air coming in your home.

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