Pella® 350 Series Windows and Patio Doors

Pella® 350 Series Windows and Patio Doors

Pella’s most energy-efficient product is a natural choice for builders, architects general contractors and anyone seeking a durable energy-efficient vinyl option for new construction, remodeling or replacement applications. Featuring details that add to its premium look and feel, along with energy-saving innovations, Pella 350 Series windows and patio doors are a versatile vinyl option. Here’s why:

Popular triple-pane glazing option, 18 insulating chambers

Energy-efficient — up to 83% more energy-efficient1, Pella 350 Series windows and doors feature double-or triple-glazing, optional foam inserts and frames with up to 18 insulating chambers — three times more than typical vinyl. Total U-factors as low as 0.17 are available. According to the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the U-factor measures how well a product prevents heat from escaping a home or building. The lower the U-factor, the better a product is at keeping heat in.

Premium look inside and out — Pella’s exclusive SmoothSeam™ welded frame corners are virtually invisible when compared to typical vinyl products with unsightly visible corner welds.

Color choices — Available in White, Almond or dual-color (white interior with brown exterior factory-applied frame finish) provide the design flexibility to complement a variety of building styles.

Applied grilles — Permanently bonded to exterior and interior glass surfaces, Pella 350 Series grilles provide the look of divided lights.

Window styles suit varied designs

Double-hung windows — Featuring upper and lower sashes that open to maximize ventilation, Pella 350 Series double-hung windows include an advanced balance system to help windows open and close easily ─ more than twice as long as the industry standard2

  • Performance grade up to PG60 including water resistance up to 9.2 pounds per square foot (PSF) and design pressures up to 60 PSF
  • Maximum sizes: 4′ 6-1/2″ wide by 6′ 6-1/2″ high3

Single-hung windows — With a top sash that’s fixed in place and an operable bottom sash, like double-hung windows, three sash splits are available in Pella 350 Series single-hung windows: Traditional, Contemporary and Cottage. Optional AutoLock hardware makes security easy, automatically locking the window when the operable sash is closed

  • Performance grade up to PG60
  • Maximum sizes: 4′ 6-1/2″ wide by 8′ 0-1/2″ high

Casement windows — The Pella SureLock® System reaches out to pull the sash against weatherstripping to form a tight seal to help keep out air and moisture. The Unison Lock System available on the Pella 350 Series secures the window in two places with one easy-to-reach handle

  • Air infiltration rates less than 0.05 cfm/ft. 2 and design pressures up to 60 PSF available
  • U-factors as low as 0.17
  • Maximum sizes: 3′ wide by 6′ high

Awning windows  — Pella’s integrated crank with fold-away handle design helps improve operation and won’t interfere with roomside window treatments 

  • Performance grade up to PG60
  • Maximum sizes: 5′ wide by 3′ high

Sliding windows — Available in two- or three-panel options, extra durable tandem nylon rollers help ensure smooth operation

  • Optional AutoLock hardware automatically locks the window when the operable sash is closed
  • Maximum sizes for three-panel units: 9′ 6-1/2″ wide by 6′ 0-1/2″ high

Fixed windows — These inoperable windows provide narrow sightlines to maximize views. Often used to create a focal point, Pella offers fixed windows in a variety of radius shapes, including half circles, quarter circles, springlines, arch head and partial arch heads

  • Performance Grade up to PG60
  • U-factors as low as 0.15
  • Maximum sizes: 9′ 4-1/2″ wide by 8′ 0-1/2″ high4

Patio doors include impact-resistant and triple-pane glazing options

Sliding patio doors — Ideal for balconies or patios like in hotels or multifamily dwellings, the Pella 350 Series features optional triple-pane glass, impact glazing, blinds between the glass and up to four door panels

  • DP50 performance rating standard
  • U-factors as low as 0.17
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