Should You Install Your Own Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan?

Should You Install Your Own Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan?

Vinyl siding can make a home look great. Even for older homes that currently have siding on them that looks a bit drab and dated, vinyl siding can really add a lot of beauty and value to the home. There are many advantages of installing vinyl siding on your home but those advantages are usually because the project is done correctly. Having a licensed siding contractor in Southgate Michigan install the siding for you is much better and can guarantee you’ll receive all the benefits of vinyl siding for your home. 

Should You Install Your Own Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan?

Vinyl siding gives a flawless, finished look to your home. Vinyl siding is very durable as it is made from PVC plastic resin. It will not rot or flake like wood. It is a very popular choice for home exteriors because vinyl siding and its installation is less expensive when compared with other siding materials.

Many people attempt to do vinyl siding installation on their own without seeking the help of a professional. You may be tempted to do DIY installation of vinyl siding for your home as you can save a few bucks. Here are 5 reasons for why you need a qualified professional siding contractor in Southgate Michigan to do this job for you.

Should You Install Your Own Vinyl Siding in Southgate Michigan?

Vinyl siding’s effectiveness depends on proper installation

DIY vinyl siding may look quite easy in videos and pictures. But, to get it right you will need deep knowledge as well as experience. Best industry practices need to be incorporated into the installation process to achieve the best results. A botched job could become the kiss of death for your home. Improper installation could result in structural damage.

The job site and the planks need to be carefully inspected before installation. Surface preparation is also very crucial. All leaks and cracks should be caulked properly. Moisture can quickly invade your home if it gets under the siding planks. Water should not come in contact with wood. This might lead to molding in the structure. If the corner posts are not capped properly, all sorts of pests will make their homes inside your corner posts.

Proper skills, tools and equipment are required

Vinyl siding requires specific tools. If you are new to the DIY scene you might not have many of the required tools. You will have to buy many tools unnecessarily for a one-time use. Improper and unsafe use of tools may lead to serious injuries. You will also require equipment to take yourself and the products up in the air. Before making plans on how to deal with certain situations, you should look forward and above you to get the complete picture.

You Could End Up Damaging The Vinyl Planks

Amateurs make many mistakes. The vinyl planks will become damaged if they are nailed too tightly. It is not uncommon for vinyl planks to expand, bulge or warp because of improper installation.
Well, then, should you install your own vinyl siding in Southgate MI? Based on the risks involved, I would advise not.

Choosing The Right Kind Of Siding

There are many varieties of vinyl siding materials. Several factors like relative humidity, ambient temperature etc. need to be considered before opting for a particular variety of vinyl siding for your home. Adding insulation and blocking ambient noise depends on the location of your home and the local weather. It is always advisable to get the opinion of an expert before deciding these things.

Negatively Affect The Value Of Your Home

If you are not experienced in the installation of vinyl siding you could end up making many common installation mistakes. Many people end up with buckled, uneven, overlapped courses with gaps. The original appeal and charm of your will be lost because of this. Shoddy siding jobs will lower the property value of your home. Warranties usually last for a year. Chances of getting product warranty are pretty slim if the damage is due to faulty installation.


Get a Free Estimate Today for a Professional Siding Job in Southgate Michigan

So, should you install your own vinyl siding in Southgate Michigan? The answer is a resounding no. Do not compromise on the safety and beauty of your home. Proper and professional installation of vinyl siding is essential for achieving the best look for your home. Call Adkins and Sons today for a free quote on installing vinyl siding on your home at 734-283-7120

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